Brooklyn DA Hynes has Special Way of Handling Sex Abuse Cases in Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhoods

By Azi Paybarah (Capital NY)
May. 11, 2012

District Attorney Charles Hynes doesn't prosecute sex offenders in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities of Brooklyn the same way he does elsewhere, according to a big story in today's New York Times.

David Zimmer, for example, was arrested for groping a nine-year-old and telling police officers, "She liked it." He wound up pleading guilty to "one count of sexual abuse in the first degree and received five years' probation."

The lawyer representing Zimmer, it turns out, is married to "Hynes' longtime liaison to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community."

Hynes' office also avoids publicizing the identities of the people accused or convicted of sex crimes if they're ultra-Orthodox, and openly defended that exceptional practice to the Times, saying that because it's a "very tight-knit and insular" community, publicizing those identities would create "significant danger" and would make getting prosecutions "extremely difficult, if not impossible."